Online Privacy Compliance Toolkit

A smoothly operating privacy policy begins with solid documentation and registration. Our Online Privacy Compliance Toolkit offers structure and support in making the GDPR's obligations regarding accountability a natural component of your organisation.

Structured and user-friendly

You don't need to be a lawyer or ICT specialist to use the Online Privacy Compliance Toolkit. The application is divided into several different task-oriented tools, using simple terms to assist the user in collecting the necessary data.

The following tools are available within the Online Privacy Compliance Toolkit:

  • Register processing activities: to record the ways in which your organisation processes personal data.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA): a powerful tool that allows you to execute a PIA step by step.
  • Processor agreements: as the responsible party for the personal data of your customers, employees or other relations, you are obligated to make agreements with your suppliers, when said supplier engages in (part of) the processing of such data. For example, your website developer or hosting provider. This tool will assist you in determining to which suppliers this applies; moreover, you have the ability to easily create tailor-made processor agreements.
  • Privacy Awareness Questionnaire (PAQ): as entrepreneur or director, you are expected to ensure that your employees are aware of your privacy policy. Using the PAQ module, you can invite your employees to fill out an online questionnaire, in which their privacy awareness will be tested. Participation in the questionnaire will be registered, allowing you to use the PAQ module's report function to create a periodic print-out of the result. This report can be used to substantiate your efforts in the area of awareness.
  • Inspection requests: as the party responsible for data processing, you must - with some exceptions - comply with requests by a data subject to inspect his or her personal data. Using the Inspection requests module, these requests may be streamlined and bundled. It will suffice to refer to the inspection form on your website; requests will be centrally saved and managed. This maintains a clear overview and prevents any requests from being lost in the shuffle. The built-in report function will allow you to easily prove that you have complied with the requirements of the GDPR.

Benefits of the Data Protection Toolkit

  • Online Tool: no installation necessary, you can get started immediately;
  • Worry-free through step-by-step support of privacy-related processes;
  • Cooperation: grant access to your online environment to section managers, such as the HR or ICT manager.
  • Insight: the versality of the tools supplied by the Toolkit offers a broad insight into the way personal data is processed within your organisation.
  • User-friendly: you will be assisted in the collection and registration of the required data through simple instructions.