About us

As a subsidiary of Thirdwave, an internet bureau with almost two decennia of experience in the field of online applications, information security is in our DNA. No surprise, as our big brother was the first internet bureau in the Nederlands to obtain an ISO 27001 certification.


With the increasing attention for data leaks in the media and the new privacy regulations of the GDPR, we saw an increase in the amount of questions in the area of privacy and information security from Thirdwave customers and partners. As it should be; it's high time for information security to become an integral component of any company's agenda, small and large organisations alike.


When the topic of privacy or information security is broached, it's common to see organisations having no idea where to begin. This trepidation relates to the nature of information security: an effective privacy policy requires a multidisciplinary approach, covering company processes, risk management, legal matters and ICT.

In addition, the available information on the subject is scattered, and specialized service providers mostly emphazise only one of the necessary disciplines, according to their expertise.

Small wonder that many organisations are having trouble taking the first step.

The answer

We believe that creating a solid privacy policy does not need to be a complex matter. It's mostly a matter of gathering together the individuals with knowledge of the required subdisciplines. Our knowledge and experience as ICT service provider, our focus on information security, and our connections with the legal world puts us in the position where tech and legal intersect. From that unique position, we would like to aid entrepreneurs and directors in realizing their goals regarding the protection of personal data.

For that reason, we have established a multidisciplinary team of compliance specialists, lawyers and ICT professionals. Guided by your own personal compliance advisor, our specialists will closely coordinate their efforts to support your organisation during every step towards compliance with the European privacy regulations. Our 4-step method provides a structured framework through which your goals will be realised.

If you choose to employ our online Privacy Compliance Toolkit, a great deal of time can be saved in working towards compliance with the various demands regarding registration and documentation. Moreover, the versatile tools featured in the Toolkit include options to guarantee the long-term effectiveness of the established policy measures.