Time for a solid privacy policy

The European regulations for the protection of confidential data (the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as AVG) apply to virtually all organisations, large and small. When you employ personnel, if you have a member association, if your customers are consumers or if you offer (electronic) systems in which personal data is processed: in all cases you must comply with the regulations regarding privacy.

Is is difficult to comply with the regulations?

At their core, the measures you must take for privacy compliance are no more difficult than the measures you have taken to - for example - comply with tax regulations. The difference is mainly in how self-evident it is to follow said regulations. As an entrepreneur or director, the demands of the tax department had to be taken into account since the founding of your enterprise. These regulations have become a fixed component of your operational management, in which you are probably assisted by a trusted accountant or bookkeeper.

The concept of privacy on the other hand is relatively new, causing many organisations to experience trepidation. Fortunately, there's no need: you can take the first step towards compliance today. Using the Privacy Roadmap, we will help you to create a solid privacy policy in a structured manner. Every step of the way, our expansive team of professionals in legal, tech and compliance will support you with the expertise you require when you require it.

Our plan of action

Our 4-step method focuses on creating structure on the road towards compliance. This logical sequence of concrete steps guarantees that all facets of your privacy policy will be addressed. Throughout the entire process, you will be assisted by a regular compliance advisor, who will work with you to create a clear picture of all risks and measures. Depending on the required actions, you will additionally be assisted by our lawyers and ICT professionals, to aid you in implementing your policy and measures smoothly and effectively. Moreover, you will have access to our Privacy Compliance Toolkit, a unique combination of online tools to further enhance the privacy policy of your organisation.